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CHAMPION final stakeholder event: 24 April 2024
“Bio-Based Innovations for Industrial Applications”

We are delighted to announce that the CHAMPION project’s much-anticipated final event, ‘Bio-based Innovations for Industrial Applications’, is open for registration. In collaboration with the PERFECOAT project, the one-day in-person event will be held in the heart of Brussels. The programme will include:

•    Insights into the latest results from CHAMPION and other EU-funded projects
•    Highlights from cutting-edge EU bioeconomy initiatives
•    Networking opportunities with fellow stakeholders

Registration is free but mandatory. Please see the website for more information and to register.

Agenda “Bio-based Innovations for Industrial Applications”

Session 1: End-user perspectives on bio-based innovations


  • Janice Lofthouse (University of York – CHAMPION) and Francesca Di Bartolomeo (SINTEF – PERFECOAT) – Event Opening

  • Daan van Es (WFBR) – An overview of the CHAMPION project

  • Francesca Di Bartolomeo (SINTEF) – An introduction to the PERFECOAT project

  • Marisa Groenestege (BTG Biomass Technology Group – HARMONITOR project) – Navigating trade and sustainability certification of bio-based value chains

  • Costanza Rossi (University of Utrecht – 3-CO project) – What drives sustainability in businesses?

Session 2: Making bio-based compounds


  • Oscar Bedzo and Lalitha Gottumukkala (Celignis) – Developing bio-based binders for wood coatings

  • Rolf Blaauw (WFBR) – Bio-based polymer synthesis and scale-up

  • Amelie Skopp (Technische Universität München) and Anders Odum (Chromologics SA) – Developing bio-based paint ingredients: from fillers to pigments and functional additives

  • Claudio Pagella (IRIS Coating – LIGNICOAT) – Lignin-based clear fire protection biocoatings for wood


Session 3: Sustainability, safety and toxicity


  • Harrie Besselink (Bio Detection Systems) – Safety and toxicity assessments and methodology

  • Sigrid Damman and Assiya Kenzhegaliyeva (SINTEF Digital) – Environmental and social sustainability assessment

  • Maarit Nyman and Algreit Dume (European Commission, DG GROW, Unit Bioeconomy, Chemicals & Cosmetics) – Industrial aspects of the EU bioeconomy policy framework: recent developments


Session 4: Industrial applications


  • Chloe Johnson (CBE JU) – Circular Bio-Based Europe JU: supporting innovation of sustainable bio-based materials and products

  • Thomas Farmer (Unilever) – End-user application testing of polymers in CHAMPION 

  • Christine Louis (Evonik) and Roland Steinrücken (Remmers) – Bio-based coating formulation and application testing 

  • Steven Verstichel (Normec OWS) – Circularity and end-of-life options for biobased and biodegradable products




  • Alexander Wetzel (SINTEF) and James Clark (University of York’s Green Chemistry Centre) – Closing statement

  • Maarit Nyman (European Commission, DG GROW, Unit Bioeconomy, Chemicals & Cosmetics) – Closing statement

Networking cocktail (and poster exhibition)



BIP Meeting Center,

Rue Royale 2-4, B-1000 Brussels

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