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Learning: Green Chemistry

Green chemistry tool for reaction optimisation

The CHAMPION project has developed a tool for understanding and optimising chemical reactions, so that they can be made safer and more environmentally friendly. This tool is freely available to chemistry researchers who can use it to fine-tune their reactions, select an appropriate solvent, and calculate green chemistry metrics.

A publication describing the development and purpose of the tool is available with open access in Molecules. The video shows how to use the spreadsheet, which is available to download for free from our Zenodo site ( 

Make Your Own Bio-Based Products

The CHAMPION project has developed a set of educational green chemistry resources, specially designed for primary school aged children. These two easy-to-follow worksheets teach children how to create their very own bio-based products. The first worksheet demonstrates how to extract starch from waste potatoes or their peels, repurposing them into a valuable resource. The second worksheet guides children through the process of making homemade glue using leftover milk. These free worksheets can be downloaded below.

Making Milk Glue

Making Potato Plastic

Quiz on the EU plastics market
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