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Learning: Towards a Circular, Sustainable World

Quiz: Ready for a circular, sustainable world?

Are you aware of what it takes to move towards a circular, sustainable world? Take the quiz and find out (or watch the videos on this webpage first to ace the quiz).

How can we design products to be circular?

We investigated this topic at our 2nd CHAMPION webinar. 

Firstly, project partner Orineo shared their vision of designing products so that after a useful life, they become high-quality raw materials instead of waste.

Secondly, Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA Switzerland, shared his vision on the role of bio-based polymers and products for a circular future. Albin has a long track record in implementing the Cradle-to-Cradle design philosophy in practice. 

Navigating Planetary Boundaries: Challenges in Sustainability Assessment of Novel Biobased Materials 

We investigated this topic at our 6th CHAMPION webinar. 

Firstly, project partner nova-institute's Dr Ángel Puente delved into early stage sustainability assessments and ecological boundaries.

Secondly, Dr James Sherwood (University of York) explained recent advances in environmental sustainability assessment, demonstrating how we can compare different products and determine impact targets.

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