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Circular High-performance Aza-Michael Polymers as Innovative materials Originating from Nature

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CHAMPION – a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) aiming to replace conventional polymers with novel bio-based polymers for their application in coatings, textiles, home care uses and structural adhesives - has been awarded  Horizon 2020 BBI JU funding. The CHAMPION project includes 14 partners from 6 European countries coordinated by the University of York.

About us

The CHAMPION project launched its 3.5-years activities in June 2020. Polymer-based products are essential to our modern lifestyle. CHAMPION is geared towards making them better-suited to modern expectations in terms of their sustainability credentials.


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Latest News 
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Safe-by-design: toxicological safety evaluation of CHAMPION polymers and building blocks

July 2022

In the CHAMPION project, an innovative, non-animal testing strategy is used to rapidly evaluate toxicological safety issues of CHAMPION candidates at a very early stage in the development.


Project results indicate that AM polymers can be both mechanically strong and biodegradable

July 2022

Preliminary results show that AM materials have increased biodegradability compared to more conventional polymeric materials, in addition to having the desired mechanical properties.