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CHAMPION establishes further links with complementary sibling projects

The HARMONITOR project seeks to enhance the reliability and impact of EU Bioeconomy certification schemes and labels. The project aims to foster quality and trust in these certifications. It will also create a participative review platform to encourage collaboration among certification bodies and EU policymakers in bio-based value chains.

The 3-CO project aims to create a framework to help consumers make sustainable choices for industrial bio-based products. The framework will include guidelines for Label and Certification Schemes (LCS), digital tools for informed consumer decisions, and policy recommendations for social measures.

BioReCer aims to improve the environmental performance and traceability of biological feedstock in bio-based industries. The project focuses on enhancing certification schemes and social acceptance of bioproducts through three pillars: 1) a multidimensional assessment framework for feedstocks and supply chains; 2) a Living-Lab for testing this framework in four case studies; and 3) updating current certification criteria for sustainability, origin, and traceability. The project involves 16 partners from seven countries.


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