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CHAMPION Project expands outreach with new educational website section

Earlier this year, we launched a new CHAMPION project website section on Learning aimed at the general public, including high school children and professional stakeholders. Five sub-sections have been created with content including videos, quizzes, easy-to-understand explanations and try-it-yourself experiments. The topics cover:

  • Green chemistry: This section includes a video explaining how to use the spreadsheet tool developed by CHAMPION for understanding and optimising chemical reactions to make them safer and more environmentally friendly. This tool is freely available to chemistry researchers who can use it to fine-tune their reactions, select an appropriate solvent, and calculate green chemistry metrics. This page also includes two educational green chemistry resources, specially designed for primary school-aged children on how to make milk glue and potato plastic.

  • Policy, regulation and certification: This section concisely explains the most relevant concepts. It discusses EU legislation for a circular economy and the development of sustainability criteria and certification for bio-based materials and products. It explains how certification can help steer consumption towards circularity, and how government support policies can help the market for bio-based products grow. A video to explain this information to the general public and a quiz to check your learning are also available.

  • Biodegradability and bio-based: This section includes a video aimed at the high school level explaining the difference between the terms biodegradability and bio-based, recordings of our webinar presentations on this topic, plus key definitions and further explanations.

  • Towards a circular, sustainable world: This section includes recordings of our webinar presentations on this topic.

  • Safety and toxicity: This section includes a webinar recording and a video (Dutch and English versions) for high school students, explaining both the importance of material safety analyses and the innovative methods applied by the CHAMPION project.

New materials, including more videos and quizzes, will be added to the website for the remainder of the project.


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