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From fundamental research to commercialisation

The CHAMPION project focuses on better bio-based alternatives to fossil-derived polymers, using the reversable aza-Michael reaction. But is it realistic to assume that largescale commercial production of bio-based materials is within reach? Project partner AVA Biochem proves it is.

AVA Biochem developed the waterbased Hydro-Thermal Process (HTP) COBRIS™. This process turns sugar-rich biomass into 5-HMF, a renewable and non-toxic compound that can be used to produce commodity chemicals. The path from lab to market took little over a decade. After 4 years of pioneering the process for various applications operation of the first demonstration plant at industrial scale began in 2013. Now another 8 years later Sulzer Chemtech – already a partner in the demonstration plant - obtained the exclusivity to commercialize and license the technology.


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