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Good news for CHAMPION partner CIRCA

CHAMPION project partner Circa Sustainable Chemicals Ltd share the exciting news about investment in its “first of its kind” European biorefinery. As part of Circa Group, they have successfully raised over €50 million through a private placement enabling them to fund the construction of a one thousand tonne a year plant for the manufacture of Cyrene, as part of the BBI JU-funded flagship project ReSolute. Cyrene™ is a novel, low-toxicity biobased solvent that can outperform existing, toxic and fossil-based solvents like NMP and DMF in some applications.

This is also good news for CHAMPION, as Cyrene is produced from levoglucosenone (LGO), an important building block in our project. The sustainable manufacture of LGO within Europe will allow for its adoption into a diverse array of applications including; pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, flavours, fragrances, electronics, batteries, paints, graphene, polymers and many more.

Read more on Circa’s website.


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